Oral surgery procedures in our dental clinic are performed using the advanced A-PRF method (Advanced – Platelet Rich Fibrin). This is platelet-rich fibrin, which is extracted from the patient’s blood. PRF stops bleeding, promotes the formation of new blood vessels, stimulates the regeneration of bones and soft tissues, promotes healing, particularly in the first few days after surgery.

The most important advantage of this medical innovation is that no chemical materials are used to stimulate the healing process.

The active substance of PRF – it is biologically active substances in the patient‘s blood, the growth factors that are released slowly and steadily. It stimulates the healing and recovery processes, blood circulation restores faster, thus reducing swelling and pain. Concentrated growth factors in PRF have an antimicrobial effect, thereby substantially reducing the risk of postoperative infections.

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This procedure is applied during implantations bone augmentation in sometimes order to cure extremity harmed teeth due periodontitis and after difficult tooth extraction

We perform all the oral surgical procedures from simple atraumatic tooth extraction to complex operational (impacted wisdom tooth, i.e. not erupted or that is in improper position) tooth removal.

The recontouring of short lip or tongue frenulum is also performed.

Jaw bone augmentation (extension) procedures are performed prior to implantation or during that procedure. Sinus lift procedure.

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