Laser procedures

The modern dental laser EPIC 10 opens plenty of opportunities to the doctor and the patient.

Gum correction with the laser. A cosmetic procedure with dental laser is performed for those patients who have high gum content in the front teeth area of the upper jaw. After such a procedure the gums heal quickly, there is no strong pain. Gum correction with the laser helps to achieve maximum aesthetic result in aesthetic restorations or aesthetic prosthetics.

Laser treatment of periodontal pockets. At minor periodontal damage, the laser energy is used to decontaminate the infection in the gingival sulcus and periodontal pockets. This procedure is strictly combined with professional oral hygiene.

Lip or tongue frenulum recontouring with the laser. With the help of the laser beam energy the frenulum is corrected, while microorganisms are being effectively destroyed in the surgical field, the bleeding is being stopped immediately, it protects against infection and promotes tissue healing, and the scar formation is being stopped.

Biostimulation with the laser. After major surgeries, there is a few minute-procedure applied, which significantly accelerates the healing of the tissues, suppresses pain and swelling, prevents inflammation. Using the laser light, it activates the cell viability and regeneration.


lazerio procedūros

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