Combined periodontal treatment begins with the procedures of cleaning dental tartar and soft plaque, polishing teeth and their roots. This step is called non surgical periodontal treatment and requires several visits for the patient with interval of 1-2 weeks. The cleaning is performed after local anesthesia using a modern ultrasound instrument. After the first visit a hygienist selects optimal hygiene appliances and explains how to properly brush your teeth at home.

Usually, the second phase of periodontitis treatment begins within 3 months from the end of the first one, and sometimes after 4-6 weeks. During this period of time, shallow pockets may disappear completely, while deep ones can significantly reduce. In severe cases, the surgical correction, called flap surgery, is required. Medical treatment is also applied.

Maintenance therapy is necessary in order to avoid the recurrence of the disease.
It is necessary to periodically perform professional oral hygiene procedures and maintain oral immune protection.

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