Botulinum toxin injections – in our daily practice we see what a significant importance of dental restorations we perform, has to smile aesthetics and the patient’s self-esteem. Although sometimes impeccable restorations in esthetic zone cannot eliminate certain facial anatomical or age problems such as: gingival smile, deep wrinkles because of age or belated prosthesis, thin lips, asymmetry of the face or smile.

Thus it is possible to achieve the maximum score: smile aesthetics together with a facial contour correction.

There is a lot of tension and stress in the current society and the modern pace of life. This is reflected in our health. In stressful state muscle tone increases, resulting parafunctions: strong teeth bite, bruxism, tension of chewing muscles, which can cause: migraine headaches, facial and neck muscle pain, dental wear, fractions of dental restorations, etc.

The effective and safe solution to these problems – is botulinum toxin injections. The relaxed and unloaded muscles decrease, relax, the face becomes more proportionate, the lower part of the face becomes significantly narrower.

botulino toksino injekcijos

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