Panoramic X-ray machine makes especially high-resolution digital panoramic X-rays (orthopantomogram). This is an important and informative analysis in dentistry. The image covers the entire mouth, all the teeth and the surrounding area (the lower jaw joints and jaw sinuses).

Big advantage of this study is that by making a panoramic dental image, the patient gets a very low X-ray dose. This is because the source of the X-ray moves evenly around the patient’s face. Due to this reason, the radiation dose of the panoramic X-ray is only about 2 times higher than a usual one dental X-ray.

Digital technology allows reducing the X-ray dose for even up to 70%. In addition, this technology also has all the other advantages of digital technology: the doctor sees the picture on his computer; he can analyze it using special software, highlighting the most important details. The image can be transmitted by e-mail, saved to the computer media or printed on the photo paper.

Computer tomography – is the most accurate diagnostic method used in dentistry. The 3D photo made by digital tomograph, shows a highly accurate, undistorted, real image of upper and lower jaws and the area around (sinuses, jaw joints, respiratory system). 3D image is not only a realistic image of jaws and areas around them, but it also allows the doctor to plan all the stages of surgical treatment. IK dental clinic performs 3D image in cases when a patient is necessary to apply the complex surgical treatment: larger dental implantation procedure, bone augmentation and sinus lift surgeries.

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